BB Open Door
BB Open Door
Big Brother Twists
Description America will be voting whether to open the doors to the Big Brother House which unleashes a game-changing twist.
Appearance(s) Big Brother 12
Big Brother 13
BB Open Door is a twist used in Big Brother 12 and Big Brother 13.

America would vote for whether the Big Brother door should be open. If America opens the door to the house, a game-changing would be unleashed into the house.

Big Brother 12 Edit

The first week of the season, America had decided to open the BB Doors. In doing so, they opened the sims universe to reality BB. Jessica Graf and Scottie Salton were put into the game as houseguests thus making this the largest season of Big Brother.


Big Brother 12 Edit

Week Twist Unleashed Opened/Closed
1 The Intruders Opened
2 Secret Room Closed
3 Control Panel
4 Opposite Week
5 Safety Competition
6 Pre-Jury Comebacks

Big Brother 13 Edit

Week Twist Unleashed Opened/Closed
1 Premiere Eviction Closed
2 Hidden Room Opened
3 Control Panel Closed
4 Double Trouble
5 Fake Eviction
6 Pre-Jury Comebacks

List of Possible Twists Edit

  • The Intruder: Two houseguests will enter the house, and play as houseguests. This extends the cast by two players.
  • Secret/Hidden Room: In the house, beholds a secret room that holds a game changing power to the first player to find the room in the house. They will receive an extra life in the game after eviction.
  • Control Panel: The houseguests will compete in a competition, and the winner will be able to control the week with head of household, nominations and power of veto.
  • Opposite Week: There would be no head of household which forces the players to nominate two players and houseguests voted the most would become the nominees along with everyone playing in the power of veto.
  • Safety Competition: The players would play in a safety competition which allows for three players to earn safety for the week along with the Head of Household.
  • Pre-Jury Comebacks: The first five houseguests evicted from the house would earn a second chance in the house by competing in a competition.
  • Premiere Eviction: Instead of competing in the usual, Head of Household, the players will compete in two competitions. In the first competition, they are temporarily divided into four teams, and the winning two teams become safe. The second competition, they play individually with the first five to complete the challenge also become off the block. The remaining three become final nominees. Only a member from the winning two teams can become HOH.
  • Double Trouble: The twist will force everything to be doubled. Two Head of Households, Two Nominees (from both HOH), Two Veto Winners with only the nominees, and no renomination.
  • Fake Eviction: A full week of the game would be played out normally with the voting except the player who is "evicted" is still in the game for the next week.

Trivia Edit

  • Big Brother 12 is the first and only season to feature the BB Open Door twist.
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