Big Brother 18
Season Information
Season No.: 18
Prize Money: $500,000
No. of Days: 99
No. of HouseGuests: 16
Season Chronology
Previous Season: Big Brother 17

Big Brother 18 is the eighteenth season of Mateo's Big Brother Series.

This will be the final season before going onto a hiatus for a while.

The theme of the season will focus on "Power". Crazy twists and competitions will be designed to tempt the players to win power throughout the course of the season.

Twists Edit

  • Returning Players: Eight houseguests from past seasons will be returning for another shot at the game.
  • Returning Players vs. New Players: There will be eight new houseguests competing against eight houseguests from the past seasons.
  • Power Competition: A special competition was released into the game for eight weeks. The competition allowed for players to win a game-changing power throughout the game.
    • Power Surge: For the first five weeks of the game, houseguests have the option to opt in to compete in a special competition where the winner of the competition will win a game changing power for the week while the last place finisher will be automatically nominated as a third nominee.
      • Week 1: The winner of the competition would receive "Power Outage" which gives them the power to close down the eviction allowing for no one to go home. They have this power for the first five evictions. Troy was the winner of the power and used it during the first eviction.
      • Week 2: The winner of this week's competition would become a "Power Couple" with one of the other players. They cannot choose the Head of Household, the two nominees or the loser of the competition. The player chosen will join the winner for safety for the week, however, they will compete in competitions and vote as one player for the week. Cameron was the winner of this power and shared his power with Peter.
      • Week 3: The prize for this week is "Power Play" which allows the player to play in two vetoes of their choice. They power can also be used on another player, and may be used twice in a single week for them self and for another player. This expires at the final 8. Johnny won the power for this week and used it Week 8 for himself and Troy.
      • Week 4: The prize for winning this week is called "Power Struggle" which allows for the player to overthrow the Head of Household OR the veto winner at any of the ceremonies. This power will go out of play once eight players remain in the game. Peter had won the power for this week and used it Week 8.
      • Week 5: For the final week of the competition, the winner would receive "Power Cut" which allows the player to cut one game-play for any chosen player. The player can either prevent a player from playing in the Head of Household competition, playing in the Veto Competition or voting at eviction. Peter won the power for this week and used it in Week 10 on Lauren.
    • Power Player: For weeks 6, 7 & 8, the Power Competition would no longer for an optional competition. All houseguests competed to win the power to anonymously nominate a third houseguest for eviction. The last player would no longer be punished by being a third nominee. If the Power of Veto winner took the "Power Player Nominee" off of the block, the Power Player would secretly name a replacement nominee. Troy found the power shift and used it Week 8.
  • Power Shift: Following the fifth eviction, a game-changing power was hidden from the houseguests for three weeks. The player who is able to find this power would have the chance to save one of the two or three final nominees on eviction night which allowed the founder to name the new replacement nominee on the spot.
  • Jury Re-Entry Competition: Following the eviction of the fifth juror, the five jurors and the remaining HouseGuests competed in an endurance Head of Household competition. The last juror standing won the right to return to the house, and the last HouseGuest standing (jurors included) became the next Head of Household.

HouseGuests Edit

BB18 Avery
BB18 Brooke
BB18 Cameron
BB18 Dante
BB18 Jason
BB18 Johnny
BB18 Lauren
BB18 Mariah
BB18 Owen
BB18 Peter
BB18 Troy
BB18 Donna
BB18 Molly
BB18 Faith
BB18 Wendy
BB18 Tristan

Voting History Edit

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13
Day 51 Day 57 Day 79 Day 85 Day 90 Day 95 Day 99 Finale
Owen Ineligible
Tristan Johnny Faith Molly Jason Rep Avery Johnny   Dante Lauren  
Mariah Cameron Peter Winner
Jason   Tristan Johnny Donna Molly PP PP Avery Johnny Troy Dante Lauren Johnny Mariah     Runner-Up
Peter Ineligible
Tristan Johnny Faith Molly Rep Vetoed
    Troy   Lauren Johnny       Owen
Cameron Ineligible
  Donna Molly Vetoed
Brooke Avery Rep  
Mariah     Wendy Faith Lauren Donna Brooke Avery   Johnny          
Johnny Ineligible
Mariah     Molly Donna Brooke   Saved
Rep Vetoed
Lauren Ineligible
Mariah Wendy Faith     Brooke Vetoed
Dante Rep  
Dante Ineligible
Mariah Vetoed
Faith Molly Donna Brooke Avery PP Troy Rep Eliminated  
Troy   Mariah Wendy Faith Vetoed
Donna   Johnny Cameron    
Avery Ineligible
Mariah   Vetoed
Molly Donna Brooke Rep  
Brooke Ineligible
Tristan Johnny Faith Molly Donna    
Donna Vetoed
Molly Ineligible
Mariah Wendy Faith    
Faith Ineligible
Tristan Johnny    
Wendy Ineligible
Tristan PS  
Tristan Ineligible
Key: Nominated Rep: Replacement Nominee POV Holder HOH Jury Member Evicted
PP/PS: Power Player/Surge Nominee Power Player Overthrown HOH Immune

Power Surge History Edit

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Power Outage Power Couple Power Play Power Struggle Power Cut
Avery Loss Loss Did Not Play Loss - Nominee Loss
Brooke Loss Loss Did Not Play Did Not Play Did Not Play
Cameron Loss Win Did Not Play Did Not Play Did Not Play
Dante Loss Did Not Play Did Not Play Did Not Play Loss
Donna Loss - Nominee Loss - Nominee Did Not Play Did Not Play Loss
Jason Did Not Play Loss Did Not Play Did Not Play Loss
Johnny Did Not Play Did Not Play Win Did Not Play Loss
Lauren Did Not Play Did Not Play Loss Loss Loss
Mariah Did Not Play Loss Did Not Play Loss Loss
Owen Did Not Play Loss Did Not Play Did Not Play Loss
Peter Did Not Play Loss Did Not Play Win Win
Troy Win Loss Loss Did Not Play Loss - Nominee
Molly Did Not Play Loss Loss Did Not Play Loss
Faith Loss Did Not Play Loss Did Not Play
Wendy Did Not Play Loss Loss - Nominee
Tristan Did Not Play Did Not Play

Trivia Edit

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